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Sharofiddinov Shohrux Ulug'bek o'g'li
Aliqulova Muqaddas Shuxrat qizi


Due to the pressing global concern around climate change, the non-renewable
energy industry is experiencing an unprecedented pace of growth. Taking into account
the results of previous studies, it's important to consider energy costs, technological
equities, and the level of unpredictability in regulations as they may influence the
development of non-renewable energy, which can also be affected by external changes.
The non-renewable energy market is highly vulnerable to significant fluctuations
caused by certain variables, which can significantly elevate the chances of substantial
alterations in profits. Given that non-renewable energy stocks are a recently developed
investment asset, it is critical to accurately forecast the likelihood of substantial
variations in the returns of non-renewable energy stocks. This is particularly important
for managing the risk of a non-renewable energy investment portfolio.

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Sharofiddinov Shohrux Ulug’bek o’g’li, & Aliqulova Muqaddas Shuxrat qizi. (2023). ANALYSIS OF ENERGY MARKETS . World Scientific Research Journal, 15(2), 81–88. Retrieved from